RTCON19 is a virtual conference for relief teachers held over a two day period via an exclusive Facebook group. This event is proudly brought to you by ClassCover's Relief Teacher Association.

How does RTCON19 work?​

  • Join the exclusive RTCON Facebook group quoting ticket number 
  • Get checked against the system and get approved to join the fun! 
  • Follow the schedule and be there to catch the live action  

Access to RTCON19 won’t be live until the 1st of December. We will send out a notification to join the group so you will have 2 weeks to enjoy our lead up content.

What is The Relief Teacher Association?

The Relief Teacher Association is a membership offered to teachers who hold a ClassCover profile. Teachers are able to upgrade their free ClassCover account to a paid membership where they can access over 80 hours of online accredited professional development targeted to relief teachers and get a 50% off discount on tickets to our annual conferences.  

Learn more about The Relief Teacher Association and how to become a member  

Access over 80 hours of PD

Meet The Team

Ben Grozier

Co-founder ClassCover and The Relief Teacher Association

Billie Muchmore

Head of Marketing ClassCover and The Relief Teacher Association 

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