RTCON19 is a virtual conference for relief teachers held over a two day period via an exclusive Facebook group. This event is proudly brought to you by ClassCover's Relief Teacher Association.

RTCON19 will be live on the 14th and 15th of December.

How does RTCON19 work?​

  • Join the exclusive RTCON Facebook group quoting ticket number 
  • Get checked against the system and get approved to join the fun! 
  • Follow the schedule and be there to catch the live action  

Access to RTCON19 won’t be live until the 1st of December. We will send out a notification to join the group so you will have 2 weeks to enjoy our lead up content.

What is The Relief Teacher Association?

The Relief Teacher Association is a membership offered to teachers who hold a ClassCover profile. Teachers are able to upgrade their free ClassCover account to a paid membership where they can access over 80 hours of online accredited professional development targeted to relief teachers and get a 50% off discount on tickets to our annual conferences.  

Learn more about The Relief Teacher Association and how to become a member  

Access over 80 hours of PD

Meet The Team

Ben Grozier

Co-founder ClassCover and The Relief Teacher Association

Billie Muchmore

Head of Marketing ClassCover and The Relief Teacher Association 

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