How a Twinkl Subscription will change your life!

Rebecca Usherwood

Teachers change lives. They ignite passion, nurture creativity and open the door to opportunity. That is why Twinkl’s mission is to “help those who teach”.  

With a Twinkl subscription you can: • Save hours of planning and preparation time each week. • Improve your work/life balance. • Inspire your students. • Download thousands of Australian Curriculum aligned resources.  

How Can Twinkl Help Save You Time?

With class sizes at their highest number on record, we know how much time it takes for teachers to plan their lessons. With a Twinkl subscription, you can access high quality, creative and engaging teaching materials in seconds.  

We have detailed lesson and term planners, engaging PowerPoints and an abundant selection of fun worksheets to help you regain control of your time.  

Do you need to cover a lesson for a sick colleague or are you relief teaching? Twinkl allows you to download entire lesson packs, so you'll be prepared in minutes. Take a look at this Year 3-6 Relief teacher Taster Resource Pack, containing a selection of resources for admin, behaviour management, lesson plans and activity resources, all aligned to the Australian Curriculum. You’ll want to make sure you add this to your relief file pack! 

What Types of Teaching Resources Can I Access?

Twinkl gives you more, for less, with our all-access, unlimited-downloads subscription packages; Ultimate, Extra and Core. 

Twinkl Classic helps ease workload pressure for teachers of Foundation to Year 6 students. Our teaching materials range from powerpoints, worksheets, fact files, games, assessment materials, mindfulness and more. New and engaging resources are constantly being created with thousands of new resources added weekly covering a wide range of topics. 

Twinkl Planit helps teachers reclaim valuable time, plus ease their workload strains and give wellbeing a boost by providing teacher-made lesson packs. You’ll have everything you need to thrive in and out of your classrooms - from detailed lesson plans, presentations, worksheets, assessments and more, all aligned to the Australian Curriculum. 

Twinkl Go! is our innovative teaching and learning platform that lets teachers stream interactive content at the touch of a button. It provides access to teacher-made videos, digital games, animations, audiobooks and more. You can even extend and share Twinkl Go! Resources at home and remotely. 

Twinkl Originals are our exclusive range of eBooks, created by experienced writers and illustrators. Each story combines engaging storytelling with specific learning outcomes, plus a huge library of supporting teacher-made resources, making them incredibly powerful teaching tools. 

Twinkl Create helps teachers save time and put their own personal spin on Twinkl resources. With an ever-growing range of professionally made and easy to customise templates and assets, teachers can quickly blend their own classroom content with eye-catching visual resources- producing teaching materials that are guaranteed to engage and inspire.  

Who Writes Twinkl’s Resources and Content?

Teachers are at the heart of everything we do, which is why we only hire experienced teachers to write our content who are experts in their subjects and year levels. Our Australian Curriculum aligned resources are made for Australian teachers by Australian teachers. You can trust Twinkl to make sure the teaching taking place in your classroom is up-to-date and State and Australian Curriculum aligned.

We’re Here to Help 24/7

Need help finding a resource? Contact our TwinklCares team, who are all experienced teachers, and we will help you find what you need.

Have a great idea for a new resource? Tell us what you want, and we'll make it! Just want to have a chat?

Our TwinklCares team are here to support you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Give us a call on (02) 8006 2229, send us an email to or chat to us on livechat

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What Do Our Customers Love About Twinkl?

“It's like the team from Twinkl Australia can read my frazzled teacher brain! When I start planning for any topic I head straight to the Twinkl website to see what amazing resources are available to use with my class.” Karrine Beasley, Stage 3 Teacher “I love Twinkl, it's a "one stop shop" for all my teaching needs, whether it be lesson resources, teaching units, assessment tools or classroom displays. If you're looking for it, Twinkl will have it.” Aaron Johnston, Assistant Principal and Stage 2 Teacher “Thanks so much to Twinkl and their team for providing so many excellent resources for myself and other educators at our school. There is such a variety of choice that I can always find something suitable when needed.” Merryn Develyn, Educational Consultant and Primary Teacher 

About The Author

Rebecca Usherwood has been working for Twinkl Australia as a Content Writer and Marketing Assistant for three years. She is an experienced primary school teacher of ten years and is passionate about educating students and finding ways to help them excel in their own individual way.