What is Plastiq?

In a world of deals, discounts & offers, Australians still struggle to get ahead. Plastiq stretches your dollar further, to help fund your best life.  

Signing up is simple, it takes less than 30 seconds and it is free! When you join up to Plastiq you can earn as much as 10% Cashback from a range of Australian retailers – there’s over 500 brands to choose from, including well known brands such as The Good Guys, Lululemon, Dymocks, Interflora, Adairs and many more with new brands being added daily. Plastiq gives Australian’s a way to stretch every dollar further with their online shopping.  

The good times don’t end online… With Plastiq you can upgrade your membership (for free) to Cashback PLUS - simply download the Plastiq app and link your spending ac-counts and start spending in-store, you’ll automatically receive Cashback from a range of Australian retailers when you shop and the best part is you have to do absolutely nothing, no coupons, no loyalty cards, just walk in, pay and walk out.

How did Plastiq start?

Plastiq was founded by investor and Shark (Shark Tank) Andrew Banks and his partners David Anderson and Tricia Stevens. Through looking for new opportunities and busi-nesses in which to invest, their research brought some interesting insights into con-sumer behaviour in Australia.  

“We found that the average Australian carries 6 loyalty cards in their wallet, with Cash-back and reward sites introducing 9% of consumers to new brands.” said Andrew.  

“When we found out that 16% of consumers said the availability of Cashback and rewards influence them to buy, we knew there must be a better way to help the average Austral-ian stretch their dollar further and Plastiq was born”  

“Our modelling suggested that we could make the average Australian $250 better off over the course of a year without asking them to change their behaviours too drastically”

Sounds great; how does it benefit everyday people, like teachers

We know that relief teachers can sometimes have irregular or infrequent income. Plastiq helps you stretch your budget further or allows you to save money up for treats for you or your family. Think of it like an online piggy bank! We’ve also compiled promotions  

from retailers specific to teachers’ professional needs. For example, you can make sav-ings on laptops and electronics via Microsoft, office equipment through Officeworks or even something as fun as treating yourself to a new outfit from The Iconic.

What about everyday purchase?

“Absolutely, it’s one thing to earn Cashback when you spend money but the real power of Plastiq is that users get rewarded for spending money at brands like Woolworths or Caltex - everyone has to buy food and petrol, now you get rewarded too!” Says David Anderson.

This all sounds great - is it secure?

Absolutely! Plastiq’s core technology is regulated using the same security as a US bank so you can rest assured that this service is very safe to use. Additionally, we anonymise all your data so it can’t be traced back to an individual too.  

Plastiq gives users the ability to choose what accounts they want to link and they can also remove them at any time, so the power is entirely in the users hand

Great, so how does it work?

It’s simple. Just sign up, connect your bank account and start shopping! If you are shop-ping online simply click through to the online store via the Plastiq app or web app, trans-act as normal and within 7-60 days, eligible Cashback will be deposited straight into your Plastiq account.  

If you are a Cashback + member you’ll receive Cashback for in-store transactions with partners such as Caltex and Woolworths. For in-store Cashback simply shop as normal with your linked bank account and the Cashback will automatically be deposited straight into your Plastiq account. No need to present any loyalty cards - we do the hard work to make sure you are rewarded!

Where can I spend my Cashback?

Anywhere you like! Once you have accrued $10 you can deposit the cash into your linked bank account. We’ll also be adding gift cards to the platform shortly allowing you purchase discounted gift cards using your accrued Cashback.  

Plastiq are excited to partner with ClassCover to help relief teacher across New South Wales stretch their money further. Sign up now to make savings on everyday purchases!

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